Art Institute Coursework

I'd like to take a moment to show some of my work from school, as I am taking a break from the Atlas of Barsaive project for a few days.

First up we have 2 animations I made during my Intermediate Animation course with Sean Burns, an excellent stop motion and CG animator that I had the pleasure of having as an instructor.

(You may want to watch these twice, as they seem to skip near the beginning on the first load.)

The first is a reimagining of the classic "bouncing ball" animation and was the first assignment in Sean's class.

The next animation was the Final for Sean's course. At the time I was also working out my model and background for the Esozone animation.

Next we have a model based on my girlfriends hunting-knife that I made for Aaron Sturgeon's Hard Surface Modeling course. I unfortunately had to drop Aaron's course and I will be taking it again the next term he offers it.

From GA361_Project01

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